life is a balancing act of order and chaos

Who we are

We are a New Zealand owned and operated streetwear brand with a focus on releasing high quality products, and having story behind our brand and symbol.

Our brand is run from Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.

About our bear

The Ussuri Brown Bear symbol is depicted as a Mother Bear wearing a Samurai Kabuto or Samurai Helmet. The symbolisation of our bear is predicated on the belief that life is a balancing act of Order and Chaos.

The mother bear symbolises Order, care, compassion. The Samurai Helmet symbolises Chaos, being a warrior and taking action. Wearing our brand externally encourages finding this balance internally. 

Where our name comes from

The Ussuri Brown Bear [Russia] or Hokkaido Brown Bear [Japan] is a species of Brown Bear that is found in South Eastern Russia, and Hokkaido - Japan, among other regions in North Eastern Asia.

The indigenous peoples of Hokkaido, The Ainu, believe in many deities, they believe that spirits take on physical forms when visiting the Human realm. They believe that only the most powerful spirits take on the physical form of the Bear, hence the Bear is held as the supreme deity in their religion.